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The center is designed to offer customers yet another service - the ease and security of placing orders electronically. Your order can be shipped to your business or work site or picked up at the counter at any one of our 70+ branches.

You can get information without price about products that Sid Harvey sells including MSDS, specification information and display the item as it appears in the Sid Harvey catalog. You can find the item by:

  • Sid Harvey item number
  • Description, will match based on matching the description to partial word that you enter
  • Manufacturer's name or partial name
  • Barcode for item
  • Product category and sub category

Registered customers must Sign On and will get additional features including:
  • Prices on items without placing an order
  • Place an order and have it delivered or picked up at one of Sid Harvey's locations
  • Check the status of their orders
  • Review their account status
  • Print out hard copies of outstanding invoices
  • Orders that can be stored, modified and reused

Having trouble navigating the Electronic Customer Service Center?
Call 1 800 468-5622 Monday to Friday between 7:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. EST or contact your local Sid Harvey sales representative.

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